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Wii Have a Problem

On 25, Sep 2012 | In | By Jim Walsh

Wii Have a Problem

Wii Have a Problem was a site that documented the various injuries people were sustaining during the initial release of the Nintendo Wii. Myself and the site were featured in the New York Post, Washington Post, Boston Globe, New York Times, and various other publications. We were interviewed by various major US and European radio shows. I was even featured on VH1’s Best Week Ever as well as interviewed on the Today Show.

This website was a spur of the moment idea that came about before WordPress or other CMS system were as robust as they are today. To combat this I wrote an entire CMS system over the course of two days, complete with page and query caching and a schedule post system. The caching systems were designed shortly after initial release at which time we were quickly picked up by Yahoo and featured on the homepage of This crashed the server immediately as I did not anticipate that much traffic. After the site was reprogrammed in one night it was able to handle its peak traffic of 3.5 million hits per day.